How to remove Braviax exe when your computer is infected

My sister’s computer suddenly displayed a red circle with a white cross X in it then a balloon warning pop up message appeared. It said “You computer is infected! Windows has detected spyware infection. It is recommended to use special antispyware tools to pervent data loss. Windows will now download and install the most up-todate antispyware for you.”

I searched on the Internet to solve this problem for a few days and I found it’s hard to find a good answer. Google is so stupid. I visited some websites, included Yahoo answers, but all of them just said that you need to install some stupid anti-virus programs. They didn’t know what actually happened to you or all they want to do is just force you to buy their ineffective software.

After searching for 2 days, finally somebody could help me. Here is the trick that may work for you, too. This article is for people who are non tech guys like me or don’t have much computer skill.

First, if the balloon pop up message said that you need to click on it to download its software, don’t trust it. You must not click on it. If so, it’ll install new spywear to your computer. Try to remove them by Add or remove programs function in Control Panel or using Your Uninstall software if you downloaded its software. 

I tried Ad-Aware and Spybot but non of them worked. I don’t have money to pay for Spyware Doctor, but if you can afford it, let’s try Spyware Doctor. It’s helpful. But what if you couldn’t pay for Spyware Doctor ? Don’t worry.

Here is the second step : Run your computer in Safe Mode. (Restart, then type F8 repeatedly when the screen is still black and white. You then will see a menu to choose Safe Mode)

3rd step : When you’re in Safe Mode, try to find all files include the word Bravia or Braviax, cru or cru629 and beep.sys. How to do it ? Click Start, go to My Computer, click Search and type Bravia to search for the files.

4th step : After you find files include Bravia and cru in their names, please delete them forever. (Right click the file then Shift + Delete). Don’t forget to delete beep.sys, too.

5th step :  Click Start, then choose Run. A small window will appear. Type this word : regedit

6th step : After you type regedit, a new window will appear. Use Find function of this window to find all folders or files include the words Bravia, cru or beep. Then it’ll show you some files. Right click, then delete them (Shift + Delete).

Then restart your computer. You may realize that the red circle and pop up balloon message are gone. Yes, you’ll get rid of that trojan.

Hope it work for you, too. Let’s share this information with other victims if it works for you.