Bad romance Lady Gaga instrumental download

Bad Romance is the first single from Lady Gaga’s second studio album, The Fame Monster.

Here is download link at Mediafire for the instrumental Karaoke version of the song : Bad Romance Lady Gaga instrumental download

Size : 5 MB

Format : mp3

Password : thanglong

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How to load a file

This is a post by a request of my stupid friend.

Toi khong hieu la ong lam an kieu gi nua, co moi cai file cung ko biet load thi mai toi trong cay vao ai de vuot qua mon nay day. Ong hoc joi ma con the thi toi biet lam the nao. Bo tay!

Day la loi giai cach load file, duong nhien co the sang may anh thi code se phai chinh khac di mot ti cho nap dia chi cho tung cau lenh e ji ji do.

Bam vao anh ve xem hinh to hon nhe!

Bam vao hinh de xem ro hon

Whatcha say instrumental Jason Derulo download

Hey guys, it’s time for Karaoke again! Enjoy instrumental version of the debut single “Whatcha say” by Jason Derulo from his upcoming self-titled debut studio album.

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Download beat here : Whatcha say instrumental Jason Derulo download

File format : MP3

Size : 3.37 MB

Fireflies Owl City instrumental download mp3

Fireflies is a hit from Owl City’s second album Ocean Eyes.

Here is the link download for the karaoke instrumental mp3 of the song :

Fireflies Owl City instrumental download (Size : 3.68 MB)