xampp #1045 – Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

Holly shit! I encountered this problem when I tried to open localhost/phpmyadmin/ using XAMPP. After 3-hour researching, I still get that damn error message : #1045 – Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO). I tried to reset the password using both XAMPP Control Panel and MySQL console window, but it didn’t work. I also edited config.inc.php file in phpMyAdmin folder, changed the password from blank to my own password, but once again it just wasted my time. Suddenly I tried to refresh the phpAdmin page by clicking Refresh button on my browser (I use IE, you can also do it by pressing F5 button). Holly mother f**ker!!! The error message disappeared and an pop-up window appeared so I can signed in using mySQL’s username and password. Why the hell no sites on the Internet mentioned that I should press Refresh button so I can save my time? That’s why I think I should write this entry so I can help someone who might encounter the same problem.

Mất cả buổi sáng cóc được cái tích sự gì chỉ vì cái lỗi kết nối CSDL khi mở trang localhost/phpmyadmin/ chóa chít đóa! Thử sửa file config.inc.php rồi thay mật khẩu của mySQL đủ kiểu mà vẫn không ăn thua. 3 tiếng sau ấn Refresh cái trình duyệt 1 cái thì tự nhiên cửa sổ đăng nhập mới hiện ra và mọi thứ mới ngon lành. Chán! Mất toi cả 1 buổi sáng vì những cái chả ra đâu vào đâu.


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  1. this is really funny, thanks alot, I spent a day for this stupid problem.

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