Gay singer Adam Lambert has a great mom

On Sunday night, gay pop star Adam Lambert and his mom Leila were honored at the second annual Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays National LA Event. The duo received crystal kudos for his strong role in the gay community, and her support of her son and the LGBT scene at large. The inverted triangle, a symbol representing the LGBT community, was given to Lambert. The heart, a symbol representing the love of family who supports their LGBT children, was given to Lambert’s mom. When combined, the two pieces create the PFLAG logo. Interesting, huh?

Both Adam Lambert and his mother gave touching acceptance speeches upon receiving their awards.

Leila told the crowd that she suspected Adam might be gay at 17 and sought support from the group.

“A couple of years went by and sure enough we ended up having our big discussion and it was the most wonderful evening. We laughed, we cried, we had a great time. And it was not really a major moment. It just was easy. It just was who he was. And I never looked at it as a transition or anything,” Leila said.

“My experience is, I grew up in a very liberal household. My mom practically did cartwheels when I came out. She’s like, ‘Come out!'” Adam said.

“I had a very fortunate experience. So, there are times when I forget that not everybody has that same experience. Not everybody has it so easy.”

Yes, Adam Lambert has a great mom. What about his current partner? See him here : Adam Lambert boyfriend and share with me your thoughts about his choice.


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