Google adds a direct link to Apple’s Steve Jobs tribute on its homepage

Google and Apple have had a complex relationship for years. Google’s Android mobile operating system is the most widely used in the world, and Apple’s iPhone and iPad are the most popular smartphones and tablets sold. The tow big companies compete primarily in the mobile OS space with iOS and Android. But when Apple former CEO Steve Jobs died october 5 2011, Google put differences aside and put a button with his name and dates of birth and death under its search engine window, along with a link to the Apple website.

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“We’re very sad to hear the news of Steve Jobs’ passing,” Google said on its official Twitter account last night, while co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin offered their own thoughts via Google+.

“He was able in his mind to imagine what would happen when things were 10 times faster or 100 times faster and start to think about how the technology evolves,” Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt told Bloomberg TV.

“Everything he did, he was two or three or four steps ahead in thinking, which I think you see in the products today.”

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In recent months, Google and Apple have been on top of the mobile OS space here in the U.S., with iPhones and Android-based smartphones flying off the shelves. Wednesday data from comScore found that Android now has 43.7 percent of the U.S. market, up 5.6 percent from three months ago. Apple, meanwhile, gained 0.7 percent to hit 27.3 percent with iOS, followed by RIM with 19.7 percent and Microsoft with 5.7 percent.

There are only so many major players in the tech industry and just as there is one Google and one Apple, there is one Steve Jobs. And Google can’t help but recognize that.


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