Steve Jobs : A man of enormous drive and talent

That’s the words many use to describe Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder and chairman who died Wednesday following a protracted battle with cancer. Without Steve Jobs, the the tech and entertainment industries would be no where near as vibrant as they are today. And without his unique ability to execute new ideas and push the tech industry where it needs to go, we’ll all be a little worse off. For the last 30 years, the story of personal technology has in many ways been the story of Jobs and his successes: from the first popular home computer to the machine on which the Web was invented — and now iPods, iPhones and iPads, the most talked about, written about and imitated devices anywhere. All of them were the brainchildren of Jobs, a technologist whose relentless perfectionism and long experience helped set the technology agenda for decades.

Earlier in the week, CEO Tim Cook said Apple was “planning a celebration of Steve’s extraordinary life” for staff members, without disclosing when or where. And while a statement from Jobs’ family referred to a website “for those who wish to offer tributes and memories,” it was unclear when that would happen, or what the address will be. However, Apple said Friday that there are no planned public memorials and did not comment on reports that Steve Jobs funeral had taken place Friday.

Within a brief span of 56 years, Steve helped develop innumerable technological changes that will stand forever. Creations from the founder of Apple not only changed the way people communicate, watch films, listen to music and shop on the Internet but large Mac screens and graphics-friendly Mac software also make life easier for architects, publishers, artists and fashion designers.


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