It’s a tragic end for Gaddafi

Gaddafi was still alive when he was captured outside Sirte. The jerky cellphone videos showed Gaddafi, his face and shoulder drenched in blood, being pushed and shoved by revolutionaries.

“Get him out of the pipe!” yelled one, apparently referring to the drainage culvert where he was discovered Thursday. “God is greatest!” several revolutionaries yelled, firing their rifles.

Another video shows a dazed Gaddafi pulled roughly onto the hood of a truck and being punched and slapped. A third showed him begging revolutionaries, “Have pity, don’t hit me!”

Gaddafi dead photos are very shocking. A Reuters witness who saw Gaddafi’s body in Misrata on Friday said it bore a bullet hole in the side of the head, as well as a large bruise on one side and scratch marks. But who fired the shot and when is still unclear.


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