Stanford University raises record-breaking $1 billion in a year

Stanford University has set a new record for college fundraising, becoming the first school to raise over $1 billion in a single year, according to a report released by Jeqq on Wednesday (February 20, 2013). The California institution ranked the first place in the 2012 Council for Aid to Education’s survey for the eighth straight year. Leading the list was Stanford at $1.035 billion, followed by Harvard University at $650 million, Yale University at $544 million, the University of Southern California at $492 million and Columbia University at $490 million. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Stanford’s alumni list includes the founders of major tech companies like Yahoo Inc. who have donated to the school in recent years. The city’s record-breaking number was helped by a surge in donations at the end of its multi-year Stanford Challenge fundraising campaign, which netted $6.2 billion. It also benefited from the successful launch of a new campaign for its hospitals and medical schools.


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