Lana Del Rey had plastic surgery because she wanted to become Angelina Jolie

In an interview with French Magazine Madame Figaro, singer Lana Del Rey admitted that she wanted to be like Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. While Lana Del Rey is a hot indie singer who shot to fame in 2011 with her hit Video Games, Angelina Jolie is Hollywood highest-paid actress who has become popular by taking on the title role in the Tomb Raider films. Both Lana Del Rey and Angelina Jolie swore off any type of plastic surgery, but we all know they lied. Their lips are definitely plumped. Check out Lana Del Rey plastic surgery photos to know the truth behind her beauty. Plastic surgery continues to be a tricky topic in Hollywood, with beautiful stars often denying having any work done to enhance their image. Sometimes, the changes stars make to their appearances are subtle and they blend well with their overall look. There are celebs who’ve confessed regrets about getting the procedure done. The Australian actress confessed that she did indeed use the cosmetic injections, but said it was an “unfortunate” step in her beauty regime.


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